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why social media Marketing works?

Social media platforms offer an abundant amount of internet-based data that, when used properly, can help reach ideal customers with relevant, well-informed content.  However, to have your campaigns be effective, you need to know exactly what you are doing.  Marketing has evolved immensely over the past fifty years.  Radio was the best place to advertise before televisions were in every household.  Furthermore, TV was number one when families would watch late night shows.  Now people are constantly on their smart phones.  Therefore, you just have to target where your audiences spend their time.

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How our services help you

Using your marketing budget wisely

Social media is one of the fastest growing parts of the internet right now.  And, marketing on these platforms is the most cost-effective way to advertise today.  You have the ability to reach reach a thousand people for as little as $5.  You do not need to be a large company with a big marketing budget to do so.  Not to mention, when you advertise through billboards, television and radio it can cost up to five times much.

Targeting the right audience

Using social media to advertise is extremely powerful due to its ability to only show your ads to potential customers.  Unlike conventional methods of advertising, these platforms have gathered data on internet users.  Therefore, they know who is more qualified to be a potential customer.  Specifically, these platforms can target certain demographics such as different age groups, interests, locations and so much more.


This is certainly one of the most powerful advantages of social media marketing.  Especially since you can run specific ads to only the people who have been to your website.  You already know they were interested by their visit.  Therefore, the chance of getting them to convert is higher than someone who has never seen your products or services.  Our procedures help raise conversion rates and lead generations by 134%.

Quick Results

Social Media Marketing can have instant results.  This is because we have the ability to reach potential customers instantly after a campaign is launched.  As a result, our clients see more page interaction and website traffic.  When doing a social media audit we see one thing in common.  Most of the business accounts we look at are not optimize correctly.  Consequently, this ends up wasting much of their marketing budget.  

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Strategies influencing growth

Thinking social media just may not be right for your business?  Think again.  Social Media Marketing is growing faster than ever and commanding a larger portion of marketing budgets.  With a solid strategy in place, social media will help others become aware of your business.  At Elite Ethics, we look at each platform separately so we can help drive engagement that directly influences your biggest goals.  As a result, we are able to target proper audiences that are interested in your business. 

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