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How many people do you think use social media?

I bet the amount is much higher than you think.

There are over 206 million active users on social media in the U.S.  Considering the entire countries population is 331 million, that is almost 63%.  Therefore, reaching new customers will not be a problem.

Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter are the best social platforms to spread your brand awareness.  They can really help your business grow.

You may be asking, “How can my business benefit from being on social media?”

Well, you’ve come to the right place.  We are going to explain how to utilize these platforms specific to your industry.  Let me explain further on why you should be on social media besides the massive amount of people that utilize these platforms.

Why Local Businesses Should Invest in Social Media Marketing

Most companies are already focused on promoting their business in traditional ways.

You have television, billboards, local magazines, or even using some sort of loyalty program.  Those avenues are great, but you are still missing out on a large chunk of traffic.

You see, when advertising agencies base their prices on how much to charge for a television ad or billboard, they base it on the amount of traffic that will see the ad.

The problem is, you are paying for traffic that is not relevant to your business.

For example, the amount of tractor trailers that drive by a billboard will count as traffic.  But, they will not be stopping at your local dental office for a cleaning. 

The Power of Targeting

That is one of the best features that make social media marketing so powerful.  You have the ability to target only the people that may turn to potential customers.  You’re not wasting marketing dollars on traffic that will not convert.

Let’s take this one step further.

How many times have you seen an ad on social media right after visiting a website?

You may think to yourself, “How did they know?”

That is called retargeting.  You are able to send ads to traffic that has already shown interest in your brand.  Retargeting ads are the MOST POWERFUL forms of ads on social media platforms today.  Meaning, they convert to more sales and leads than anything else.

Social Media Also Helps Convert Offline Customers

Nowadays, everyone is asking their friends and family if they can recommend a quality company.  This includes services such as plumbing or landscaping contractors to restaurants and lawyers.

Facebook even offers a feature that allows users to ask for recommendations.  When people comment on the post, local businesses get more attention based on their location.

That means the local business will be tagged, visible to the person requesting recommendations, and anyone else who sees the post.

This becomes very powerful.  Facebook’s algorithm then sees your business being talked about and is more likely to show your posts and recommend your business.

Look how Facebook is even promoting their recommendation tool.


This will help spread your brand awareness.  

The best part is… Once establish a solid presence over time on these platforms, your content has a much higher chance of going viral.  And that is all through social shares, which are completely organic.

Easily Promote New Products

Spreading news about new products is a great way to engage your followers.  You can showcase images and even create videos showing the product in action.

Social media platforms are loving video content in 2019.  Facebook and Instagram have found their users find video to be 5X more engaging than image content.  Thats amazing!

So, this is what I am going to share with you about promoting a new or existing product on social media.

1.  Create a compelling video post that is bound to capture attention of anyone that sees it.

2.  Provide an offer for people to share with all of their friends.

3.  Interact with everyone who engages with the post.  This includes answering questions, thanking them for their love shown, and taking in the feedback.  This helps with gaining positive reviews.  

This will also help to gain insight to what your customers want from your company.


Friendly Ad Budgets for Any Size Business

Social media has become advertising friendly over the past few years.

You can start very small and run engagement ads to spread your name.  Or, you can run larger ad campaigns focusing on gaining leads.

It’s flexible budget settings have made social media the right avenue for all business sizes.

However, you need to identify first on where you stand when it comes to social media.  Are you going to post from time to time and just get your feet wet with these platforms?  Or, are you going to dive in and focus all of your resources on this?

Likes and shares are great but, comments and interactions with your posts will spread your brand further.

Creating a solid strategy before you begin will help identify the proper paths to take.

After all, your goal here is to build your brand.  Not add another piece to the puzzle that frustrates you. 

How to Choose Which Platform to Use?

Each social media platform is unique and has it’s own benefits.  To start, try to only focus on one or two channels.  This way you will be able to learn how each platform works really devote enough time into growing your following.

Personally, I believe a Facebook company page is a must for all businesses.  More and more users of all ages are turning to Facebook, just like they do with Google, for reviews and verification of the services or product.  

Next, think about where your audience is.

If you’re a restaurant then Instagram will be the perfect place to start.  The pictures and stories (video) you can post will attract the attention of anyone who is hungry.

If you’re a dentist, a video may not be the best option to promote your business.

That is where Linked In comes into play.  You can offer your services, maybe with a deal at the start, to attract new clients.  

Try connecting with other professionals in the medical field.  Referrals account for a large part of new intakes for healthcare.

Most importantly, promote your social media pages to all of your current customers or clients.

They already know you and will be more willing to connect with you.

How do you exactly do this?

Create a giveaway.

Offer a discount for them to become a part of your community.

Capture photos from happy customers.  Establish a photo board where you can showcase others pictures.  Remember, social media is much more effective when it becomes about the customer!


Get Involved with Groups

Research has shown that groups actually get a lot more engagement than pages alone.  This is because groups allow people to start a conversation more comfortably than a page does. 

This is a great place for you to provide value to others.  Share your experiences on tactics that worked for your business.  Provide answers to those asking questions about topics you are familiar with.  Suggest resources that you have used others may find helpful.

All of these actions will help promote your brand.  

Helping others only helps yourself.

Go on any of the social media sites and search around for groups related to your industry.  Ask to join them.  Start interacting today.

Key Takeaways

Being on social media has become very prominent and necessary for local businesses. 

Social Media marketing can be a very effective, low-cost way to increase visibility to your business. 

For more information on how to increase your visibility and traffic, click here.

Jeffrey Forbes

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