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Are you looking to get better results inside Google’s search engine rankings? Don’t have the time to do the work it takes to rank on the first page? Or maybe you just don’t know where to start.  That is what we are here for. However, you probably found this post while searching on Google.

About Our Digital Marketing Agency

Elite Ethics is located in Central Connecticut. After spending years building online e-commerce businesses, in February 2018 we decided to start our agency with the customer as our main focus.  We work closely and collectively with our clients to ensure total satisfaction.  We take pride in all the work that we do.  Our digital agency offers services that include SEOSocial Media Marketing, Website Design, Content Marketing, and Video Production.  

Why You Should Hire Elite Ethics?

Elite Ethics is a small business and specifically focuses on providing quality results to customers.  We specialize in online marketing as well as, expanding brand awareness.  We do not outsource to cheap laborers nor do we use unethical tactics.  These may work for the short term, but never last long.  Our organic SEO strategies are proven to help your business, small or large.  Every step is trackable and measurable.  We manage over fifteen monthly clients and have a five star rating overall.  Most importantly, we take pride in the work we do!

How We Can Help Your Business

First, let’s define SEO.  Search engine optimization is the process of growing visibility to a website in an organic way.  This encompasses both the technical and creative aspects required to boost rankings, increase traffic, and build awareness.  Search engine traffic is valuable because it is targeted.  A recent study by Ahrefs, shows that almost 91% of webpages do not get any traffic to them.   

piechart of websites without traffic

So, you may ask how do you get traffic to the content you create?  This is through the power of SEO.  And more specifically, you only get viewers that are specifically looking for the products or services you provide.  But, if the search engines cannot find your website, that traffic will go to your competitors.  We offer affordable and cost-effective services to boost your visibility in search engines.  

By doing so, your business will see an increase in leads and conversions.  This will resonate to higher growth and more revenue.  Ranking for any key terms can be difficult.  That is why we developed a specific strategy that includes link building, keyword research, technical optimization and content distribution.  Our team starts off every campaign by identifying the competitors in your industry.  By doing so, we can figure out exactly what needs to be done for you to outrank them.  

Our Miami SEO Strategy

Link building is one of the many factors search engines use when determining who to rank.  It is the process of promoting your website to other website owners with the primary goal of securing a hyperlink.  Links from well established sites are very valuable.  As a result, we only distribute relevant content to quality sites within your industry.  We remove all spam and broken links.  Also, we do a complete on-page optimization of your website.  

This includes making sure your titles are optimized properly, you have enough rich anchor texts, and quality relevant keywords distributed throughout the content.  Having a beautiful looking website is great.  However, if the technical side of the site is not developed correctly nobody will be able to see it.  Our team focuses on studying metrics such as click-thru, bounce, and conversion rates to have your website better serve you.  This helps us move forward and build upon your campaign for better results.  In addition, we provide detailed reports to you along the way.  This includes Google Analytics data, Google MyBusiness data, and keyword ranking statistics.

Why Local SEO Matters

Local SEO in Miami will increase traffic to your business, especially when found in Google’s “Map Pack” or “Local Pack.”  The Map Pack is the three listings that show underneath the map during a search.  It will show reviews of your business and the distance between you and the viewer.  We setup and establish your Google MyBusiness listing to get you the authority you need in order to rank.  As a result, this provides more information to the viewer leading to higher conversions.  

For example, think about the last time you were looking for a restaurant nearby.  You probably searched in Google and were immediately drawn to one of the first few options.  In a recent study by Moz, researchers found a 62% greater chance of links being clicked while in the map pack.  You need to outrank your competitors in this area!  This is a search I made for local plumbers near me.

plumbers for the miami seo conference

How To Get Started Today

Take the next step.  Elite Ethics offers a FREE Miami SEO Analysis to discover any missed opportunities in your search rankings.  We use technical tools to evaluate where your strengths are and where we can improve.  This report will also identify where your competitors are ranking in comparison to you.  This is a great gauge to know how much work it will take to beat them.  Lastly, we email you a direct report listing all information we discovered.  Not all campaigns are created equally.  Therefore, we offer different price options based on your budget and the targeted keywords we are after.  Click the link below to find out now!

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Elite Ethics is a Premier Digital Marketing Agency focusing on increasing revenue thru social media and search engine optimization.

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