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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is just as effective in 2018 as it was When it started. Therefore, you should not be leaving it out of your marketing strategy.

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ROI Focused Email marketing Strategies

Trying to build an email list?  Or maybe you have contacts in your list but cannot find the proper content or strategy to effectively have an email marketing campaign benefit you?  Our goal is to help you build a quality sales funnel that will move your prospects from one step to the next.  In other words, our agency will send emails to boost sales of a product or service.  We write our own content that provides valuable information to readers.  Furthermore, we create strategies that engage your audience, speed up your sales cycle, and most importantly save you time.


of people purchased products from emails


currently have active email accounts


spent on email marketing returns avg 44$


emails sent each day

why email marketing?

Reinforces your Brand Development

Based on a 2018 study, email marketing is still the most effective marketing channel.  Sending regular emails to your customers keeps your brand on their mind.  Also, most people check their email everyday.  Even if your message does not get read, they still know you exist.  

Keeps Customers Interested

Next, one of the best ways to keep a customer interested is by providing quality content of value.  Whether it be informative or for enjoyment, every email should be delivered with the intent to connect with the recipient.  By doing so, we are ale to stand out from the other guys who are begging for sales. 

Highly Personable

Sending emails allows you to address your audience by first name.  This makes the reader feel more connected with your company.  Also, the open rates of emails drastically increase when your message is likely to relate to them personally.

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